Z5 Pneumatic piston seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:     ≤16 bar

Temperature: -30°C...+80°C

Speed:          ≤ 1 m/s

Medium:       Oil lubricated air, dry air (cylinder should be permanent lubricated during installation)


NBR-based elastomer (hardness 78 Shore A)


Can be simply pulled over a one-piece piston.


- No metallic contact between piston and cylinder which prevents the piston from scratching light metals or plastic cylinders

- Smooth movement due to the shape of the sealing lip and material of the seal

- Can be used with dry and oil-free air (permanent lubrication during installation needed to ensure a long service interval)

- Available also for single acting pistons (Type Z7)

- Easy to assemble on a one-piece pistons

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