Z8 Pneumatic piston seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:     ≤ 16 bar

Temperature: -20°C...+80°C

Speed:         ≤ 1 m/s

Medium:       Oil lubricated air, dry air (cylinder should be permanent lubricated during installation)


NBR-based elastomer (hardness approx. 80 Shore A)


Can be mounted into the groove by simply pulling the seal over the piston. Lubrication of the seal is suggested. Lubrication is especially important in dry operating conditions.


D= H11,  d= h9,  L= +0,2


- Good sealing performance and small dimensioning of the sealing groove

- Smooth motion due to the structure of the sealing lip

- Low static and dynamic friction due to smallest possible cross-section

- Excellent functionality due to structure of the sealing lip and the shape of the seal

- Can be used with dry and oil-free air (permanent lubrication during installation needed to ensure a long service interval)

- Easy to assemble into the sealing groove

- Suitable for cylinders with cushioning


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