E8 Pneumatic rod seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:     ≤ 16 bar

Temperature: -20°C...+80°C

Speed          ≤ 1 m/s

Medium:       Oil lubricated air, dry air (cylinder should be permanent lubricated during installation)


U-ring: PDF’s NBR based special material

Wiper / Fastener: PDF’s wear resistant plastic


Seal/wiper set E8 can be installed in to Din 7993 type B circlip locked housings. The wiper ring EA locks the complete set into the sealing groove. The sealing set can easily be replaced even with the piston rod installed. Ask for instructions on dimensioning the housing if needed.


- No danger of corrosion as the combined fixing/scraping part renders additional circlips etc. unnecessary

- If only one scraper is required, the fixing/scraping part profile EA may be used without the sealing part. Modification of the housing is not required.

- Low friction and long lifespan due to special compound and lip geometry


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