Acetal Piston Guide Rings

Operating conditions

Temperature: -40°C ...+110°C

Speed:        ≤ 1 m/s

Fluids:         Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based), water emulsions

Compression strength: 20°C ≤130 N/mm² / 100°C ≤40 N/mm²


Acetal plastic


The guide ring is stretched open when assembled into the groove


- Easy to assembly and manufacturing of the sealing groove

- High mechanical durability

- Low static and dynamic friction (friction coefficient 0,05-0,1 on a lubricated steel surface)

- Wide dimension range

Calculating radial load

FR = (D x L x q / v )x n

FR= maximum radial load (N)

q = compression strength at operating temperature for the given compound (N/mm)

D x L = diameter x seal width (mm)

n = number of rings

v = confidence coefficient (recommendation > 3)

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