Krütex Guide Bands

Operating conditions

Krütex 200-T

Temperature: -50°C ...+100°C

Speed: ≤ 1.0 m/s

Compression strength: 320 N/mm²

Friction coefficient: 0,025.

Krütex 550-T

Temperature: -50°C ...+100°C

Speed: ≤ 0,8 m/s

Compression strength: 270 N/mm²

Friction coefficient: 0,03

Due to material elasticity, Krütex 550-T suits especially for small diameters


Phenol resin and synthetic fabric laminated together as layers. This structure guarantees high torsion strength and elasticity. Including PTFE gives better gliding properties (Krütex200). Dimensional accuracy is improved by extremely low water absorption properties of the material (< 0,1%).

More information

Tolerances :

W -0,06mm

T -0,2mm


- For all diameters. Attached dimension tables recommended.

- Max cord length 5700 mm

- High mechanical durability

- High temperature resistance

- High wear and aging resistance

- Easy to assemble

- Low friction

- High weight-carrying capacity

- High surface harness

Cord length

Cord length: A = 3,14 x B - M

- Gap M from table

- B = guide ring’s effective diameter

- Piston B = øH - L

- Rod B = øH + L

- L = Depth of housing

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