Compression Packings

Asbestos free Thermoflon compression packing



Very wide range of applications in the whole industrial sector (e.g. pumps, mixers). Long lifespan and excellent functionality. Shaft conserving.


Graphite filled PTFE element fibre with added lubricant (does not contain silicon). Excellent thermal conductivity, elastic, and volume retaining. Resistant against embrittlement and aging. Very low friction coefficient (no slip-stick phenomenon).


Appropriate for heated water without cooling up to 140 ºC (max. 10 m/s, max. 16 bar).

Resistant against all chemicals excluding oxidating substances (e.g. oleum, steaming nitrogen, gaseous fluorine).


FMPA D-Stuttgart, permission for foodstuff industry


6 mm, packing 3,4 m

8 mm, packing 2,6 m

10 mm, packing 2 m

12 mm, packing 1,7 m

Shorter lenghts also available. Look page "Prices and availability"

Removal tool for packing

Four different sizes

3,5 x 120 mm

6,0 x 160 mm

8,0 x 210 mm

10,0 x 260 mm

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