Other V-packs

Types MO / GT

Operating conditions

Pressure:    ≤ 350 bar (500 bar, depends on profile thickness)

Temperature: -30°C...+110°C

Speed:        ≤ 0,5 m/s

Fluids:         Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based), water-oil emulsions

Gap >e< defined according to operating conditions by using nomogram.


(1) Header ring, Hard fabric reinforced NBR

(2) Chevron rings, Fabric reinforced NBR

(3) Back-up ring, Fabric reinforced rubber or plastic


Installation into open housing. Nominal dimension is same for the seal as the housing. Housing can be made adjustable with shimmers. Adjustability at least 5% of the length L. Shimmers are removed as seals are wears out.

Circlips can be assembled into housing to adjust the pretension of the seal. Typically used only with bigger seal sizes.


- Insensitive to high pressure peaks due to structure of the seal

- Compared to one-piece seals, better resistance against contaminated fluids or damages in the sliding surface

- Excellent sealing performance due to long contact area and several sealing lips

- The seal can be split to facilitate installation

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