O-Rings FEP

FEP Coated Silicon and Viton (FPM) O-Rings


Excellent chemical resistance

FEP is passive against almost all common chemicals and compounds even at high temperature and pressure. FEP can not be used with melted alkali metals, elemental fluorine and some halogen compounds.


Pure FEP-tube, thickness 0,2...0.76 mm (depending on O-ring thickness).

Made of materials that fulfil L-P-389A and ASTM-D2116 requirements.

FDA approved.


Continuous operating temperature:        Silicon core -60°C...+204°C

Viton core -15°C...+204°C

Tolerances: Same as vulcanized O-rings


FEP is mainly a static seal, which is installed into an open (dismountable) housing. FEP-O-Ring must not be pressed or stretched.

Maximum stretch for bigger rings is approx. 2xW. Ask for assembling instructions.

Minimum inner diameter shown in table. Practically no maximum inner diameter.

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