Dimensioning of groove for X-Ring


When the piston is eccentric or the rod bends, it is possible to change dimensions of the sealing groove. This may be necessary especially with low-pressure hydraulics and in cases of under pressure.

If the X-Ring material is likely to swell, the groove width can be increased by approx. 15%. Information about groove dimensions for other X-Rings is given where necessary.

When installed the profile of the X-Ring is pressed. Maximum radial pressing increases density and friction.

Operating conditions


Dynamic use  

- Back and forth movement: 50 bar

- With back-up-ring: 300 bar

- Rotational movement with back up ring: 150 bar

Static use

- Without back up ring: 50 bar

- With back up ring: 400 bar


Back and forth movement 0,5 m/s

Rotational movement 0,2 m/s


-35...+110°C NBR

-25...+200°C FPM

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