O-Ring Lubricants

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Product code Product name Price Unit Saldo
80647020010 PARKER O-LUBE 55g 32,3100 Pcs
80647025000 PARKER SUPER-O-LUBE 55g 172,1000 Pcs
80647026000 SILICONE O-RING GREASE 4g 33,0600 Pcs
80647024000 PARKER SUPER-O-LUBE 3,6 KG 3496,0000 Pcs

Products 1-4 / 4

Parker O-Lube

 Mineral oil based lubricant containing barium soap. Eases assembly and increases the lifespan of a seal. Best results are obtained when both the seal and the running surface are treated with the grease. Parker O-Lube has good resistance to water, adheres well to surfaces, and offers good lubricating properties. It is particularly suitable for low pressure applications with slow dynamic reciprocating, oscillating or rotating motion. Parker O-lube is not recommended for systems with micro filters or seals that are non-compatible with mineral oils (e.g. Butyl, EPDM).

Temperature range: -29°C to +82°C

Lubricant                                               Wear resistance

Without lubrication                                 680 strikes

Mil-H-5606 aeroplane oil                       200 000 strikes

Ordinary lubricant grease                      1 000 000 strikes

Parker-O-Lube                                       10 000 000 strikes


Parker Super O-Lube

Super O-Lube is a silicon based lubricant compatible with all elastomer types (silicone compounds must be handled carefully; only a small amount of Super-O-Lube should be applied). The lubricant has good adhesive properties and adheres well to both metal and rubber surfaces. Super-O-Lube offers the best results when applied as a thin film layer. Relatively neutral and can be used with most fluids. In normal conditions non-toxic and non-irritating. Does not block micro filter systems (up to 30 μm). Suggested for high pressure and vacuum applications.

Temperature range: -55°C to +200°C (with rubber polymers)

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