BD and BU Rod seals

Operating conditions

Pressure:       ≤ 500 bar

Pressure peak: ≤ 1000 bar

Temperature: -35°C...+110°C

Speed:           ≤ 0,5 m/s

Fluids:         Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based)

Gap >e< defined according to operating conditions by using nomogram.


(1) Parker material P5008, Polyurethane (hardness 93 Shore A).

(2) Back-up ring, Polyamide

(3) O-Ring, NBR


Can be installed into a closed housing. Seals available for ISO 5597/1 grooves


- Especially high wear resistance

- Durable against shock loads and pressure peaks

- High resistance against extrusion

- Low compression set

- Suitable for hardest working conditions

- Sufficient lubrication due to pressure fluid between the sealing lips

- Good sealing performance at zero pressure

- Air penetration from the outside is mostly prevented

- Easy installation

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