Shaft seals - FPM (Viton)


Rubber material:                Fluorocarbon rubber (FPM)

Body:                                 Steel DIN 1624

Spring:                               Steel T304

Operating conditions

Temperature:                     -20°C...+200°C (momentary +220°C)

Pressure:                           Approx. 1 bar

Surface speed:                  Max. approx. 15 m/s.

Maximum surface speed must be reduced approx:

- 1/3 if good grease lubrication

- 1/5 if seal with dust lip

- 1/3 if sealing lip without spring

- 1/2 if two sealing lips with spring (e.g. R-duo)



GR-seal for demanding conditions is FPM coated also from the inside. This makes it available for use at high temperatures and with chemically aggressive substances.


WARNING! Burned FPM-rubber must be handled like corrosive substances.

Additional information:

Material Safety Data Sheet:

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