KR Piston seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:    ≤ 300 bar

Temperature: -35°C...+110°C (momentarily 125°C)

Speed:         ≤ 0,5 m/s

Fluids:         Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based); PAO fluids


(1) Sealing part, Modified polyurethane (approx. 55 Shore D)

(2) Expander ring, NBR (hardness 80 Shore A)


- Sealing groove must be clean and have given curves

- Installation chamfer of the cylinder tube must be according to instructions


d = h9, D = H9, L = +0,2


- Excellent sealing performance both in static and dynamic conditions

- Can be used as single acting seal

- Excellent wear resistance

- Low dynamic friction

- High extrusion resistance

- Simple snapping installation on a solid piston

- Installation housings according to ISO 7425/1

- Short axial installation length

- Can be installed into a one-piece piston

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