B7 Piston seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:    ≤ 400 bar

Temperature: -35°C...+110°C

Speed:        ≤ 0,5 m/s

Fluids:         Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based)

Gap >e< defined according to operating conditions by using nomogram.


Parker’s P5008 material is a polyurethane based elastomer (hardness 93 Shore A).

Its main advantages in comparison with other polyurethane materials are increased heat resistance, lower compression set, and enhanced resistance to hydrolysis.


Seals available for ISO 5597/1 housings

One piece piston normally possible (A), Two piece piston (B)


D = H9, d = h9, L = +0,25 -0


- Especially high wear resistance

- Low compression set

- Durable against shock loads and pressure peaks

- Suitable for hardest working conditions

- High resistance against extrusion

- Easy installation

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