Shaft seals - Inch sizes


Shaft tolerance:                h11

Surface roughness:          Ra 0,3 - 0,5 μm plunge grinding

Surface hardness:            40 - 60 HRC


Tolerance:                        H8

Installation chamfer: max. 10°, chamfer 2 mm and max. 1/4 of the seal width.

Operating conditions

Pressure:                          ≤0,5 bar

Temperature:                     -35°C...+100°C

Surface speed:                  ≤12 m/s, maximum surface speed when oil lubrication is good and heat created by friction leads out of sealing lip.

≤30 m/s, type AS-PL ...NBR/T (PTFE coated sealing lip)

Maximum surface speed must be reduced approx:

- 1/3 if good grease lubrication

- 1/5 if seal with dust lip

- 1/3 if sealing lip without spring


Nitrile rubber, FPM

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