PP Pneumatic cushioning seal

Operating conditions

Pressure:     ≤ 16 bar

Temperature: NBR -20°C...+80°C / FPM : -10°C...+200°C / PU: -35°C...+80°C

Speed:         ≤ 1 m/s

Medium:       Oil lubricated air, dry air (cylinder should be permanent lubricated during installation)


NBR based elastomer (hardness approx. 89 Shore A)

FPM based elastomer (hardness approx. 87 Shore A)

Polyurethane (hardness approx. 93 Shore A)


Assembly to closed housing. Initial lubrication during assembly ensures a long lifespan.


D / D1 / D2 = H11

D = h10

L = ±0,1


- As the seal functions as a check valve, no separate valve is necessary

- Optimum use of design-related cushion travel

- High cushioning consistency due to automatic centering, even in the case of misalignment of the cushioning spear to the cylinder head

- Increased reliability due to two independent sealing systems (flexible sealing lips and axial sealing areas)

- Easy manual snap assembly

- Suitable for use in lubricated as well as dry and oil-free air (after initial lubrication during assembly)

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