N - Seal for Rod and Piston

Operating conditions: Hydraulics

Pressure: 110 bar

Temperature: -30°C...+100°C

Speed: ≤ 0,5 m/s

Fluids: Hydraulic fluids (mineral oil based), water emulsions

Operating conditions: Pneumatics

Pressure: 16 bar

Temperature: -30°C...+80°C

Speed: ≤0,5 m/s

Fluids: Oil lubricated pressurized air

Gap >e< defined according to operating conditions by using nomogram.


Possible to install into closed housing (A)

Installation into two-piece housing (B)

Faultless operation in all operating conditions can be ensured by using a header ring to preload the U-ring lips against the sealing surface.


NBR-based elastomer (hardness 84-90 Shore A)


- Inexpensive

- Can be used as piston and rod seal

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